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BT Rice Mill

The BT Rice mil is an independently owned and operated rice mill located in Shwe Bo Township, Sagaing Region where the middle part of Myanmar, and produces the Shwe Bo Paw San (Myanmar Premier Rice) “BOSS” brand of rice varieties for local consumption.

And also produces export quality rice as customized quality (Long Grain & Short Grain) with polished and sortex. Established in 2013 as color sorting factory and 2018 start running as Rice Mill, it is one of the biggest independently owned rice mill in ShweBo Township.

Rice quality from BT rice plant undergoes several process before arriving the customer. There are several process as paddy drying, Hulling, Whitening and Double polishing, Color sorting, Automatic weighting and Packaging. The quality assurance between each process certifies what the best quality of rice. Our primary focus has always been to provide our customers with fresh and highest quality of rice.

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