Who We Are

About Us

Our company name is Precious Myanma Heart Company Limited (PMH). We  mainly do trading business (export and import) both international and local.  P.M.H PRECIOUS MYANMA HEART COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated  under the Myanmar Companies Act 1914 on 30 April 2018 as a Private Company Limited by Shares. We newly founded as PMH by cooperating the  energy of miller families’ young generation who are from different regions and expert on well experienced of their duty and responsibilities. Before, we establish PMH, each of us are exporting rice, local distribution and manufacturing process.

We started Myanmar White Rice and Bean export business to China, Africa, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Netherland & some European Countries. Currently, we are exporting Myanmar White Rice 5%, 15% and 25% (Reasonable Well Milled and Well Milled Quality) .Then 100% Broken Rice (A1.2 Polished & Sortex and B1.2 Sortex & Non-Sortex Quality).

Our milling and rice quality can called “Just in Time Milling”. Our rice is a just in time mill. The just in time or mill to order approach allows us the opportunity to provide our international and domestic customers the freshest rice available. Therefore we do not store product. We mill just in time per order received. After an order is received, we schedule to received paddy (or rough rice), mill, pack and ship the finished product promptly. High quality is our focus and delivering fresh product supports this objective.

Our Objective

  • To obtain more market shares in Myanmar and International.
  • To penetrate PAW SAN (SHWE BO) premier rice in International market
  • To development our milling factory as international standard

Our Vision

  • To achieve more sustainable market shares in local and international
  • To support more career for citizens

Our Mission

  • Sustainable, reliable, development business group
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