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Shwe Bo Paw San Distribution

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We distribute “BOSS” Shwe Bo Paw San that can be described as “Magic Rice” because when it is cooked it goes double to triple length. Shwe Bo Paw San can be cultivated only in Shwe Bo Township, Sagain Region of Myanmar. Shwe Bo Paw San is the rice which won the World Best Rice Award in the World’s Rice Conference held in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam in 2011.

Our Shwe Bo Paw San is free from pesticide and we can guarantee for a good health because it has lower calories and fat compared to other region paw san. Our Shwe Bo Paw San is fragrant and soft.  It has great taste and is easy to digest that good for a healthy life. We have several size of packaging as: 2kg on plastic bags and 5kg, 12kg, 25 kg and 50 kg on new PP bag.

Nutrition Facts Serving 100g

Amount Per Serving

Calories / Energy Value 357 Kcal
Fat 1g 0.61%
Protein 8g 7.74%
Total Carbohydrate 79g 78.72%
Fiber 0g 0.00%
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